[montanafood_ag] an off grid rocket cooktop

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Thu Nov 14 08:06:16 MST 2019

This is a special creation by Peter van den Berg, and enhanced by Kirk
"Donkey" Mobert.   It was further enhanced by the permaculture
bootcamp here at wheaton labs.

Kirk insists that we cannot call this a "rocket" since there is no
riser, but after having it for two years, I am simply choosing to call
it a rocket anyway.   Peter calls this design "the double shoebox".

This does feature a batch box with a "casserole door".

In the video, Jen points out that one spot has hit 1000 degrees F.
And she points out that when she's not careful, she has burned some
food.   Cooking with a wood stove is a little different.   You learn
the hot spots and the medium spots and the cooler spots.   And then
there is also the matter of how much wood you are burning.  So you
want to boil water in the hottest spot.  Or use the same spot, but
less wood.  Or, use a cooler spot on the cooktop.   It really is that

Here is a thread with a lot of details about the build


Here is the final product:



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