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National Young Farmers Coalition – Western Montana Chapter
Are you interested in being a co-leader?

The Community Food & Agriculture Coalition (CFAC) is looking to start a Western Montana National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) Chapter. We are looking for four individuals who would be interested in being a chapter co-leader. Two of the four co-leaders need to be full time farmers, and must reside within a 2-3 hour radius of Missoula. Once the four co-leaders are determined a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will be selected from the group.

Many of the challenges we face as young farmers can be tackled at home through strong networks. That’s why farmers across the country are forming NYFC chapters that support collaboration and advocacy. From organizing cooperative buying clubs to equipment shares to barn parties, NYFC chapters are a platform for forging collective success and connectedness.

The National Young Farmers Coalition<http://www.youngfarmers.org> (NYFC) is the only national advocacy organization focused solely on the needs of young and beginning farmers and ranchers. Since 2010, NYFC has built a grassroots base of over 130,000 supporters and launched 38 farmer-led chapters in 27 states, including two affiliate chapters in New Mexico. NYFC helps young farmers become leaders in their communities, and ensures young farmers a seat at the table within all levels of government. In the last farm bill, NYFC helped create the FSA Microloan Program, brought together a coalition to save $60 million for farmland conservation, and fought for young farmer education. At this year’s Convergence in Albuquerque, the NYFC young farmer leaders will strategize how to continue that momentum in this next farm bill cycle.

NYFC works on a number of agricultural policy issues like access to land and student loan forgiveness. In 2012, the average age of US farmers was 58, with only 6% of farmers under the age of 35 years old. By starting a NYFC chapter in Montana, we can support and encourage young people to get involved in agriculture.

Each November, farmers from across the country convene for the NYFC National Leadership Convergence. The Convergence brings together young farmer leaders from across the country to share best practices, learn key organizing and advocacy skills, and inform NYFC’s farm bill platform and projects for the year ahead. All NYFC chapters are eligible to send two chapter leaders to the Convergence as long as they have signed the Chapter Agreement by July 1st.

Chapter Requirements:

  *   Each of the co-leaders needs to member of the National Young Farmers Coalition ($35 annual dues), however there are members benefits available (discount on seeds, equipment, etc.)
  *   The chapter must convene at least four times a year for meetings, social events, farm tours, etc.

Are you interested in becoming a co-leader? If so, please contact:
                Tori Managan
                Farm Finance Specialist
                Community Food & Agriculture Coalition
                (406) 924-9648
                Tori at MissoulaCFAC.org<mailto:Tori at MissoulaCFAC.org>

Free One-on-One Beginning Farmer/Rancher
Business Planning and Coaching

The Community Food & Agriculture Coalition provides one-on-one, business planning, and technical assistance to beginning farmers and ranchers in Montana. We can offer:

  *   Business coaching to develop marketing, business and/or financial plans for your farm business
  *   Provide information about financing opportunities and requirements
  *   Assistance with completing and submitting financing applications

Business planning services are available to beginning farmers and ranchers who are interested in in-depth work related to your farm business. Our work involves identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and creating a vision, financial analysis, enterprise budgeting, cash flow planning, and developing full business plans. These services are available to beginning farmers and ranchers (in operation less than 10 years), with a specific focus on small-scale, diversified, or direct marketing operations in Western and Southwest Montana.

Interested? Please contact:
Tori Managan
Farm Business Finance Specialist - Community Food & Agriculture Coalition
(406) 924-9648
tori at missoulacfac.org<mailto:tori at missoulacfac.org>

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Tori Managan
Farm Business Finance & Grants Management Specialist
Community Food & Agriculture Coalition
Office: 328 E. Main Street Suite 1
Mail: P.O.Box 7025, Missoula, MT 59807
Phone: 406-924-9648

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