[montanafood_ag] Spring gardening and permaculture workshops in Bozeman (and online)!

Kareen Erbe kareen.erbe at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 11:00:46 MDT 2017

Broken Ground's Spring Workshop schedule is out! Join me for gardening and
permaculture workshops this growing season! If you're not in Bozeman and
don't want to travel, check out our online options below too.



*Broken Ground's Upcoming Spring Workshops and Presentations **Click on
class titles for more info.*

   - Organic Gardening Made Easy
   - Saturday, March 25, 1- 4pm
   - Edible Backyards Series
   <http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/edible-backyards.html> - April
   5, 12, 19, 6:30-8:30pm
   - Online Edible Backyards Series
   <http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/edible-backyards-online.html> -
   available now!
   - Permaculture Design Series
   - April 22 and 29, 9am - 3pm
   - Start with the Soil
   <http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/start-with-the-soil.html> -
   April 22, 12 - 3pm
   - Water in the Landscape
   <http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/water-in-the-landscape.html> -
   April 29, 9am - 12pm
   - Creating a Food Forest
   <http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/creating-a-food-forest.html> -
   April 29, 12 - 3pm
   - Composting 101
   <http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/composting-101.html> -
   Saturday, May 6, 1 - 3pm
   - Online Composting 101
   <http://brokenground.teachable.com/p/composting101> - available now!
   - Growing Great Tomatoes
   <http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/growing-great-tomatoes.html> -
   Wednesday, May 10, 6:30 - 8:30pm

All live workshops take place in Bozeman. To see a full schedule of
Spring/Summer workshops and events, click here
<http://www.brokengroundpermaculture.com/workshopsevents.html>. To view all
online courses, click here <http://brokenground.teachable.com/>. If you
want to receive regular updates and free garden tips and advice, sign-up
for Broken Ground's e-newsletter here
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