[montanafood_ag] Fire Sale! Last Year's Organic straw for sale in Helena, MT!

Jessica Peterson jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
Thu Mar 3 07:12:20 MST 2016

Hello all,

I'm reducing the cost of my organic straw bales in Helena, MT from 
$9/bale to *$5/bale*. With this springlike weather, it seemed a good 
time to let you all know.

Contact me for pick up directions!

Warm regards,


On 9/1/15 12:21 PM, Jessica Peterson wrote:
> Dear Gardeners, Farmers, and Ranchers,
> Every year I pick up a shipment of organic straw bales from Jess Alger 
> up in Stanford, MT and haul it down to Helena, MT. This past year was 
> no different! I still have a few hundred bales for your fall needs!
> straw
> Great this fall for:
>   * putting your garden beds to bed
>   * temporary fencing/walls - we used them for the walls surrounding a
>     main compost pile, a shelter for our dog, and as insulation for
>     our chickens, and to keep animals out of certain areas
>   * Your garlic beds, your spinach beds
>   * mulch, mulch, mulching
>   * carbon sources (browns) for your compost, fresh manures
>   * garden sitting area
>   * growing mushrooms
>   * many, many, more uses..
> Not great for:
>   * Straw bale houses for permanent human dwellings (some of the bales
>     were rained on, so moisture levels can be above 12%).
> The bales are $9 each, and if you buy more than 10 the cost after 10 
> is $8.50 there on after. Pick up!
> Send me an email if you're interested, and I'll send you pick up 
> directions. Or call my mobile: (406) 465-6214.
> Happy fall!
> Jesse
> -- 
> Jessica Peterson
> Inside Edge Design
> Ecological & Social Systems Design
> P: (406) 219-7065
> E:jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
> Helena, Montana

Jessica Peterson
Inside Edge Design
Ecological & Social Systems Design
P: (406) 219-7065
E: jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
Helena, Montana

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