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Farmer Land Access Survey
*Hello Farmer Friends!*

The Community Food & Agriculture Coalition is developing materials and
resources to assist Montana farmers and ranchers in accessing land. We are
interested in learning more about the challenges that you have faced and
the resources that would be most helpful to you.

*Thanks so much for your feedback!*

   Which of these challenges have you faced in accessing land in Montana?
   (check all that apply) *
   - Finding available land
      - Lacking experience in site/land/water evaluation
      - Effectively communicating with landowners about goals and plans
      - Clarifying expectations with landowners
      - Resolving disputes with landowners
      - Developing clear, legal leases
      - Establishing a fair price for leases
      - Issues with credit
      - Lacking knowledge about financing
      - Accessing financing (getting a loan)
      - Lacking experience in business planning/communicating with lenders
      - Other:
   What resources would be (or would have been) the most helpful to you in
   accessing land? (check all that apply) *
   - Improved land listing services (such as Land Link, Craigslist, etc.)
      - Site assessment tools
      - Guide to communicating with landowners/land seekers with info on
      defining expectations, strategies for difficult conversations, dispute
      resolution, etc.
      - Sample leases
      - Resources on establishing a fair lease rate, including tips and/or
      - Tips on improving your credit
      - Resources on financing/lending options
      - Tips on pitching your business
      - Business planning workshops, including marketing, personal/business
      financial management, legal issues, etc.
      - Guide to farm/ranch attorneys, accountants, and other service
      - Other:
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Annie Heuscher

Program Director
Community Food & Agriculture Coalition
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