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As you know, value-added AG is such an important sector of our economy and
one with unlimited growth potential. Here in the Golden Triangle we are
working hard to identify opportunities and get the word out that we are open
for Ag Development! As a tool we have worked with Dr. Neil Doty on several
business cases for value added Ag. These range from hummus and snacks to pea
protein and wheat starch. 


We are excited to share these with you and welcome you're input,
collaboration, and use of the information. We are all in this together,
let's grow and diversify Montana Value-Added Ag!


Specialty Pasta


Specialty Malting


Sprouted Grain


Pulse Snacks


Pulse Fractionation


Pulse Butters, Dips, and Spreads


Soon we will have two more business cases to share: Barley Ingredients and
Wheat Ingredients. 


Contact me to discuss! 


Jolene Schalper



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