[montanafood_ag] Spring gardens/farms! Organic Straw For Sale In Helena, MT

Jessica Peterson jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
Thu Mar 26 09:48:35 MDT 2015

Dear Gardeners, Farmers, and Ranchers,

Every year I pick up a shipment of organic straw bales from Jess Alger 
up in Stanford, MT and haul it down to Helena, MT. This year past year 
was no different! I still have a few hundred bales.

Great for:

  * straw bale gardening
  * temporary fencing
  * temporary compost bin walls
  * creating sun capturing microclimates for squash, tomatoes, and
    peppers and other heat loving plants
  * mulch, mulch, mulching
  * bedding for animals
  * growing mushrooms
  * many, many, more uses..

Not great for:

  * Straw bale houses for permanent human dwellings (some of the bales
    were rained on, so moisture levels can be above 12%).

The bales are $9 each, and if you buy more than 10 the cost after 10 is 
$8.50 there on after. There are two pick up locations. One nearer to the 
Valley and one right in town.

Send me an email if you're interested, and I'll send you pick up 
directions. Or call my mobile: (406) 465-6214.

Happy Spring!


Jessica Peterson
Capital City Harvest - Urban Permaculture Homestead
P: (406) 219-7065
E: jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
Helena, Montana

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