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Urban Farm Coordinator Needed!

Do you want to join a dedicated, hard-working group that is promoting
sustainable agriculture and sustainable living?  Then apply today to become
our urban farm manager at our Butte headquarters. farm view

We are seeking an urban farmer or gardener to work 30 hours per week
seasonally managing NCAT's Small-Scale Intensive Farm Training (SIFT) farm.
The one and a half acre farm serves as a training ground for intensive
farming in Butte's high elevation cold climate. In its fourth year of
vegetable production, the farm is an educational model for people of all
ages to learn how foods grow, how to raise ecologically sound crops without
chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, and how to keep farmland
healthy for future generations.

The coordinator will build on past efforts to continue to develop and
maintain a commercially-viable farm to be used for educational purposes.
S/he will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the farm. The
coordinator will work with NCAT's Agriculture Specialists on a farm planning
team to design a soil fertility plan for the entire property, which is
approximately 5 acres, and to develop and oversee the educational component
of the farm. The coordinator will also be responsible for determining a
marketing component for the farm that is both profitable and located within
a reasonable distance of the farm.

You must have several years of farming experience with similarly scaled
operations and experience with growing in zone 4 or less and be familiar
with raising vegetable crops using season extension and crop protection. The
successful applicant will also have experience in training apprentices and
volunteers. A background in marketing small scale crops would be of
particular interest.

Visit our website
hYkBuY2F0Lm9yZw%3d%3d>  for the full job description and application

You  can also contact our Human Resources Specialist Jerrid Burk at
406-494-4572 or jerridb at ncat.org.

Deadline for applications is April 15, so apply today!


Since 1976, the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) has been
helping people by championing small-scale, local and sustainable solutions
to reduce poverty, promote healthy communities and protect natural
resources. In partnership with businesses, organizations, individuals and
agricultural producers, NCAT is working to advance solutions that will
ensure the next generation inherits a world that has clean air and water,
energy production that is efficient and renewable, and healthy foods grown
with sustainable practices. More information about its programs and services
is available at  <http://www.ncat.org> www.ncat.org or by calling

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Helping people by championing small-scale, local, and sustainable solutions
to reduce poverty, promote healthy communities, and protect natural

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