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Annie Heuscher annie at missoulacfac.org
Tue Mar 10 17:03:39 MDT 2015


Over the next year, we will be building a new online resource for beginning
farmers across Montana that will serve as a clearinghouse for:
- Information on resources currently available
- New resources we will be developing
- A map-based tool to connect beginning farmers with internships,
mentoring, and land to lease or buy.

*We need your feedback!*

If you are a landowner and/or are currently farming and think you might use
the site to:

   - List internship opportunities
   - Offer mentorship or support to beginning farmers (could be anything
   from being available for phone calls, to allowing site visits, to leasing
   land to beginning farmers, etc.)
   - Offer land for lease or sale to beginning/expanding farmers

*Please, fill out this survey!*

We want to make this resource work for you and we need your input to make
it the best it can be.  The survey will likely take about 10 minutes to
fill out.

*Click here to fill out the survey.* <http://goo.gl/forms/msYJu7aH34>

FYI, if you are a beginning farmer and also interested in giving feedback
on these resources, keep an eye out for another survey that will come out
in a few weeks.  If you are a resource provider and interested in giving
feedback, please email me directly (annie at missoulacfac.org)

If you have any questions or would like to offer further feedback, please
don't hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks so much for your input!  We really appreciate it.
Annie Heuscher

Program Director
Community Food & Agriculture Coalition
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*Keep Ag in our Culture!*
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