[montanafood_ag] Expanded Abundant Montana Directory to Launch Feb 15 - Update or Add Your Listing Today!

Caroline Wallace ingacwallace at me.com
Mon Jan 26 11:46:24 MST 2015

Abundant Montana <http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/> is the Alternative Energy Resources Organization’s (AERO) longtime directory to locally and sustainably produced food and farm products. We have been working to make the directory even more comprehensive and useful to producers, businesses, Montana consumers and tourists.

AERO has partnered with the Community Food and Agriculture Coalition (CFAC) and the Montana Office of Tourism to expand the Abundant Montana Directory to include agritourism opportunities by region. Agritourism activities include food‐related events, farmers markets, farm to table dinners, on‐farm sales, accommodations, farm workdays, tours, and more. In addition to being mobile device responsive, the site will boast new features such as regional dashboards and bike and auto tour routes as well as expanded search and filter tools. The purpose of this project is to help farmers, ranchers, and food-based businesses and organizations develop and promote agritourism and on-farm opportunities while continuing to market the work they do to make Montana communities more resilient.

The site will have a new look that is more closely aligned with the Montana Brand Guidelines and other state websites and resources. In many ways, it will be the same — individual listings will have the same elements as they do currently (photo, video, blog feed, Facebook feed, links, etc.) and the way that new listings are submitted will be the same, using this form <http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/submit-listing/>.

A focused marketing campaign of the expanded Abundant Montana Directory to Montana consumers and tourists alike will take place in the weeks and months after launch of the new site.

The site is scheduled to launch on February 15th 2015. In the lead up to launch, we are working to update existing listings and populate the directory with new listings so that it is as comprehensive as it can be.

If you currently have an Abundant Montana listing - can you visit your listing, review it, and submit any updates or additions using the ‘Update Existing Listing’ Form we provide here <http://www.aeromt.org/updatelisting/>? If you prefer to create a whole new listing, you can do that, too. Use the ‘Submit New Listing’ Form provided here <http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/submit-listing/>. Again, there are new filter and search categories, including a whole new menu of ‘Services’. We urge you to take a look at the update form for any additional information you would like to provide Abundant Montana users, local consumers and tourists alike. See the new Abundant Montana filter categories below. 

If you don’t currently have an Abundant Montana listing - submit your listing today! The process is easy, just use the form provided here <http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/submit-listing/>. Kat, the Abundant Intern, is available to provide any assistance you may need.

Don’t hesitate to call or email with questions!

Caroline <http://www.aeromt.org/wordpress/wp-admin/ingacwallace@gmail.com>, Project Manager, (406) 219-7065

Kathryn <http://www.aeromt.org/wordpress/wp-admin/abundantmt@aeromt.org>, Abundant Montana Intern

Abundant Montana Homepage: http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/ <http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/>
Update Existing Listing Form: http://www.aeromt.org/updatelisting/ <http://www.aeromt.org/updatelisting/>
Submit New Listing Form: http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/submit-listing/ <http://www.aeromt.org/abundant/submit-listing/>
Listing Type: Accommodations/Farm-stay – Bakery - Bee Keeper/Guardian – Butcher - Caterer - Community Garden/Orchard – Creamery – Distributor - Farmers Market – Farm - Food Hub - Market Garden - Natural Food Store – Farm Shop/Stand – Organization – Processor – Ranch – Restaurant – Retailer – Supermarket – Vineyard
Products: Alcohol (Wine/Spirits/Beer) - Bedding Plants – Beef – Berries – Bison - Bread/Baked Goods – Chicken – Coffee – Compost - Dairy/Cheese/Milk – Ducks – Eggs - Fermented Foods – Fish – Fleece - Flour/Baking Mixes – Flowers - Foraged Plants – Fruit – Geese - Goat - Grains/Cereal – Grapes - Hay/Straw – Herbs - Honey/Honey Comb/Beeswax -  Jams/Jelly/Syrup/Salsa – Lamb – Lentils – Llamas – Mushrooms – Pork - Processed Products - Produce/Vegetables - Root Crops - Salad Mix/Greens - Seed/Spices – Sprouts – Tea – Turkeys - Wool/Roving/Yarn  
Services: Accommodations/Farm-stays - Retreats/Events - CSA Shares - End-of-Season Gleaning - Farm-to-Table Dinners - Farm or Business Tours - On-Farm Workdays - U-Pick - Internships/WOOF Host - Workshops
Certifications: Certified Homegrown - Certified Western Sustainability Exchange Producer - Certified Biodynamic - Certified Predator Friendly - Gluten Free – Kosher – Natural - USDA Certified Organic
Practices: Grassfed - Holistic Management - Pesticide/Herbicide Free – Permaculture - Transitional Organic

Project Manager, Abundant Montana Agritourism Promotion Project
Alternative Energy Resources Organization
432 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601
Office: (406) 219-7065
www.aeromt.org / ingacwallace at gmail.com

Montana's Hub for Sustainable Communities: Inspiring Change, Connecting Local Leaders, and Building Capacity for Success!

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