[montanafood_ag] Seeking Growers interested in Converting Tractor to Electric

Karl Sutton karlvsutton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 16:45:39 MST 2015

Hello Montana Producers,

I am sending out a query to see if there are producers with either a
Farmall Cub, Super A or Allis G that have been exploring or might have an
interest in exploring the possibility of converting their cultivation
tractor to electric.

Here are a couple websites on the conversion process:


Here is a parts list estimate from EVA, http://www.evamerica.com/farm.html.
The cost estimate for the Electric motor, parts and batteries is about
$2500. This does not include machine shop work to build an motor mount.

My farm, Fresh Roots Farm, in Polson has a Farmall Super A. We are strongly
considering converting to electric and are seeking others who might be
interested. There might be cost share opportunities to offset some of the
costs of conversion. Also, if there were enough of us we could potentially
save money on parts as well machinist services by ordering together. The
first step is to identify potential producers who have a tractor that they
would like to see go electric.

Please contact me at karlvsutton at gmail.com and let me know if this would be
of interest. This project wouldn't potentially happen until winter 2016 at
the earliest.


Karl Sutton
Fresh Roots Farm
Polson, MT
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