[montanafood_ag] Best Kale Chips Recipe Secret Revealed in New Video from Missoula!

Aubree Roth aubree.roth at montana.edu
Fri Oct 3 13:54:18 MDT 2014

October 1st was  National Kale day- a great start to Farm To School Month!

Over the past couple of years, Missoula County Public School has been
continually working and developing a “best practice” for the production of
Kale Chips in a school foodservice setting- because Kale can be very
temperamental, 12 seconds too long in the oven can often result in burnt
chips that can forever scar young taste buds away from this terrifically
nutritious and very cost effective dark leafy green!

The following link is to a short 4 minute video detailing the steps of
procedure, created by Ed Christensen, Assistant Supervisor
of MCPS Food and Nutrition Services and Kale Ambassador. This video was
made possible with the help of Jacque Contant who as part of her internship
with MCPS helped direct, film, edit, and produce the video.

Please feel free to share this with any and all interested parties-
especially those involved with children nutrition programs. PS. It
translates just as well in home use!


Way to go Ed and his incredible team! Thank you for revealing your kale
chip secrets!

*Aubree Roth*
Child Nutrition Education Coordinator | Montana Team Nutrition Program
Montana State Lead | National Farm to School Network
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Ph: 406.994.5996 | www.opi.mt.gov/Farm2School

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