[montanafood_ag] Farm to Table Dinner @ Cooper Hereford Ranch

Katie Cooper cooper.ks at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 14:27:42 MDT 2014

Hello, I am hoping for the opportunity to send a message for an upcoming
event this summer using the listserv.

The event is for a Farm to Table Dinner to be held at the Cooper Hereford
Ranch in Willow Creek. The event will held on Sunday July 20th at 6.30 in
the evening. Cooper Hereford beef will be featured on the menu along with
other locally produced food from farmers and ranchers we know. I have
attached a flyer for additional information.
Also, if you want to read more about ranch life at Cooper Herefords and
seasonal inspired recipes you can check out my food & farming site here

Thank You.


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