[montanafood_ag] FoodCorps Montana Update

Kirsten Gerbatsch kirsten.gerbatsch at foodcorps.org
Fri Jan 24 07:20:50 MST 2014

FoodCorps Montana Service Member Zoe Tucker recently published this
exceptional piece on our blog about the farm to school efforts she is
supporting in communities around the Flathead Valley. Enjoy - and happy
Friday everyone!

"Back when the yellow tamaracks and aspens gave Western Montana a shocking
amount of fall color, FoodCorps members from around the state convened at
the jubilant DIY get-together that is the annual conference for the
Alternative Energy Resources Organization, or AERO. There, sometime between
the pie contest and the square dance, Demetrius Fassas of Ennis, Jessica
Manly of Kalispell, and I participated in a short panel on the various Farm
to School efforts at our service sites.

Before that point, the Farm-to-School projects in my service had felt
haphazard and unrelated. At various points throughout the fall, I found
myself G-Chatting with Nicki Jimenez to figure out the packaging of local
carrot coins, serving decidedly non-local grapefruit in classes at Bigfork,
and driving down miles of a wooded back road to pick up buckets of carrots
and beets from a generous local gardener. It felt more than a little bit
scrappy. Preparing for the AERO panel, which emphasized the diversity among
our three service site situations, allowed me to see these projects as a
cohesive, localized farm-to-school effort at each of my three school
districts--Somers/Lakeside, Bigfork, and Cayuse Prairie, which are all
small town or rural schools in the Southern half of the Flathead Valley…."

To keep reading about Zoe's service with Somers, Lakeside, Bigfork, and
Cayuse Prairie Schools, go to our blog

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