[montanafood_ag] Designing Summer food and ecological professional development opportunity in Helena, MT! A Municipal Park Food Forest: A Public Forest Garden Design Practicum

Jessica Peterson jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
Mon Mar 25 09:05:17 MDT 2013

Dear Montanans,

Spend 3-5 Days Working with Dave Jacke <http://www.edibleforestgardens.com/>,
ecological designer andauthor of Edible Forest
in Helena, Montana!

Course Details and Registration <http://www.insideedgedesigners.com/>
(Early bird pricing ends May 1)
Advanced Gardening and Permaculture Practicum* - Course steered toward
Master Gardeners, Farm to School and Environmental/Local Food System
Development organizers, and Landscape Designers.

Work with Helena Food Share, Helena Public Schools, Helena Community
Gardens, Helena Parks and Recreation, Helena community members, and City
County Public Health Department!

   - Network with other highly skilled workshop participants!

   - Work with Dave Jacke!

   - Have your name listed as a park design team member with Dave Jacke!

July 9-14, 2013

The community of Helena, Montana invites Dave Jacke and workshop
participants to design a 1.1-acre public park integrating community gardens
with edible forest gardens.  Edible forest gardens mimic the structures and
functions of forest ecosystems while producing food and other products.
While emphasizing low-maintenance perennial crops, we’ll also focus design
and plant selection on building fertility, controlling weeds and pests,
reducing the need for irrigation, and more. You will work with Dave Jacke
and our community to design forest schematics and polycultures for our
bioregion. Your name will be listed as one of our park designers. You will
receive an electronic completed professional park design document, listing
you as a member of the design team.

This will be the first Public Park Edible Forest Garden in Montana! Come
make history with us while developing skills in permaculture design that
will shape both your and our planet’s future!
Thanks, and please email me (email below) or Caroline Wallace at
caroline at insideedgedesigners.com if you have questions or want to pay by

Jessica Peterson
Inside Edge Design <http://www.insideedgedesigners.com>
Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inside-Edge-Design/389885881062485>
P: (406) 465-6214
E: jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
E: jessica at insideedgedesigners.com
Helena, Montana

*The 12 Permaculture Principles*

1. Observe and interact. 2. Catch and store energy. 3. Obtain a yield. 4.
Apply self-regulation and accept feedback. 5. Use and value renewable
resources and services. 6. Produce no waste: 7. Design from patterns to
details. 8. Integrate rather than segregate. 9. Use small and slow
solutions. 10. Use and value diversity. 11. Use edges and value the
marginal. 12. Creatively use and respond to change.
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