[montanafood_ag] Local Beef is What's for Lunch in Kalispell!

Lea Howe lea.howe at foodcorps.org
Wed Mar 20 11:31:49 MDT 2013

"Currently, there’s a movement in Montana to connect K-12 schools with
local cattle ranchers. Our FoodCorps state fellow, Lea Howe, is
helping lead the charge. The basic idea is that we live in Montana, a
state known for it’s beef, so why not serve local beef in cafeterias
across the state? In the simplest terms, it makes sense to support
local ranchers and get healthier beef into the stomachs of our

Here at School District #5 in Kalispell, we’re approaching the
one-year anniversary of serving local beef burgers in our cafeterias.
We couldn’t be happier.  In the fall of 2011, we looked into making
the switch to local beef but couldn’t find a meat processor with the
necessary equipment.  Last March, our Food Service Director, Jennifer
Montague, asked that I again look into the possibility of switching to
local beef..."

Read on to learn more about Kalispell School District's switch to
local beef thanks to Service Member, Katie Wheeler, and her fabulous
Food Service Director, Jennifer Montague. Together they are paving the
way for the rest of Montana Public Schools to follow suit and buy


Lea Howe
FoodCorps Fellow, Montana
202.468.0176 • www.foodcorps.org

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