[montanafood_ag] Ag Land Network: Sign On Letter to Oppose SB147!

Kascie Herron kascie.cfac at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 09:17:21 MDT 2013

                      *Please Tell the House Local Government Committee to
Oppose SB 147! *

Hello Friends of Farmland!

We have started a sign-on letter that we will be submitting on Thursday to
the House Local Government Committee and need your help to get it off the

*Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:*

Protect the Future of Farmland and Vote NO on

Here's why it's important:

SB 147, which will be heard in House Local Government this *Thursday, March
14th at 3pm,* will limit a farmer's ability to comment on subdivisions that
could directly impact his or her livelihood. While local governments
currently review subdivisions based on several criteria including the
subdivision's impact on agriculture, SB 147 would remove that criteria and
replace it with a review of the subdivision's impact only on adjacent
agricultural operations. That means cutting out the comments of producers
who live two doors down but are on the same road or the same ditch, or who
drive their cattle past the proposed subdivision - their comments won't
count! It also means losing any review of the cumulative impacts of losing
farmland and the challenges that presents to ongoing and beginning farmers.

If we want Montana's future to include agriculture, we must protect
agriculture's voice in raising the wide array of impacts that subdivisions
have on our state's farms and ranches. Please sign this petition to show
your support for farmland conservation and your support for keeping the
State Legislature out of local conversations about our future!

Sign the letter

Annie Heuscher

Ag Land Network of Montana

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