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Hello All:

See below for info on how to take action on a bill that will severely limit
farmland conservation possibilities around the state.

Thanks for your help!

Annie Heuscher

Land Use Program Manager
Community Food & Agriculture Coalition
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                      *The Time is NOW to Speak up for Agriculture and Act
on SB147*!

Senate Bill 147 (more
has officially been referred to the *House Local Government Committee. The
hearing is this Thursday, March 14th, at 3 PM in Rm 172 of the Capitol

This bill revises existing state subdivision review law by limiting what
local governments may consider when reviewing subdivision proposals.
Instead of considering the impacts of a proposed subdivision on
"agriculture" the new bill would require [image: farm forum photo] Once
farmland is gone, it's gone!
  consideration of subdivision only on "adjacent agricultural operations."
If approved, this bill will have serious consequences for the future of

The House Local Government Committee hearing will be our best bet of killing
this bill so the time to act is *NOW!* Please consider testifying at the
hearing if you can, and if not please make a call to committee members,
especially if you live in their district*. *To find your representative by
zip code CLICK HERE<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001efzAhHko4tGNsujesMsDwj26ccHYfq2seMHTwBFlHnuFZUcH_nakNOf0z1vTAOBoWpg5Wev1GlK3395dJxogsRDXPm7zu5LQtL9GWWnHUUo=>or
use this interactive

Please call the House Local Government Committee members near you today and
send an email to the full committee, asking them to VOTE NO on SB 147!

House Local Government Committee:

*Liz Bangerter (R - Helena, HD 80) - 442-6071
Steve Fitzpatrick (R - Great Falls, HD 20) - 727-0826
Kathy Swanson (D - Anaconda, HD 86) - 563-5312
Tom Berry (R - Roundup, HD 45) - 698-3940
Clarena Brockie (D - Harlem, HD 32) - 390-1164
Amanda Curtis (D - Butte, HD 76) - 782-4149
Roger Hagan (R - Great Falls, HD 19) - 459-0773
Pat Ingraham (R - Thompson Falls, HD 13) - 827-4652
Steve Lavin (R - Kalispell, HD 8) - 212-3820
Mary McNally (D - Billings, HD 49) - 671-1376
Jonathan McNiven (R - Huntley, HD 44) - 672-5941
David (Doc) Moore (R - Missoula, HD 91) - 239-3499
Jerry O'Neill (R - Columbia Falls, HD 3) - 892-7602
Casey Schreiner (D - Great Falls, HD 22) - 565-0372
Nicholas Schwaderer (R - Superior, HD 14) - 493-7835)
Tom Steenberg (D - Missoula, HD 95) - 926-2071
Nancy Wilson (D - Missoula, HD 97) - 531-6994
Daniel Zolnikov (R - BIllings, HD 47) - 861-5210

You may also e-mail the full
one message.

Please remind your representatives that:

   - Agriculture is Montana's primary industry, providing jobs and
   supporting businesses throughout our state. If we stop considering
   agricultural lands when making decisions about subdivision development, we
   will lose our best soils and we can't have farms and ranches without the
   - Right now, counties can consider a subdivision's impact on
   agriculture, but SB 147 attacks agriculture by limiting that requirement to
   only the adjacent ag operations. That means that if you live two parcels
   away, your voice doesn't count or if you do voice your concern you are
   pitted against your neighbor.
   - Many landowners rely on their ability to develop their land for their
   retirement. Their fellow farmers and ranchers should not be barred from the
   local discussion about a future subdivision that may directly affect them.
   - This amendment contradicts the original intent of the subdivision and
   platting act, whose sponsor added agriculture to the review criteria
   "primarily because of the tragic intrusion on the agriculture land base of

It is critically important that House Committee members hear testimony from
farmers, ranchers, realtors, developers and individuals directly impacted
by this bill.

  *The time is NOW to voice your concerns for
farmland conservation and opposition to SB 147!*

Please consider calling or writing to your representative, testifying or
writing a letter to the editor! If you are interested in taking action or
need assistance or more information don't hesitate to send me an
e-mail<kascie.cfac at gmail.com>.

Kascie Herron

Ag Land Network of Montana

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