[montanafood_ag] What makes your heart “beet”?

Lea Howe lea.howe at foodcorps.org
Mon Mar 11 11:32:50 MDT 2013

"'I know why it’s called a beet: because it’s red and it’s good for
your heart! Yummy, my heart wants more!' Although not all students
enjoy roasted beets, this kindergartner sure does! It also appears
that vegetable painting spurs critical thinking in the young mind—one
more benefit of eating vegetables!

We celebrated American Heart Month with Hyalite kindergartners and
first graders this year with beets. We began our lesson with a
discussion on the importance of maintaining a healthy heart and ways
in which to do this in our everyday lives, like exercising and eating
healthy. As it turns out, red fruits and vegetables are especially
good for the heart thanks to powerful antioxidants like lycopene and

Read on to learn more about the benefits of red fruits and veggies and
Service Member, Erin Jackson's, lessons on "real foods" at Hyalite
Elementary in Bozeman!


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