[montanafood_ag] Hail or Shine, Glendive will have a Garden!

Lea Howe lea.howe at foodcorps.org
Wed Jul 17 11:16:18 MDT 2013

"Summer in Eastern Montana is full of long, lazy days spent trying to beat
the heat and, if you were in Glendive this week, dodging the hail storm
that took out many of our gardens. I’m still trying to figure out why my
garden at the Prairie Development Center was leveled while gardens just a
couple miles west got nothing more than a good soak. Montana’s
microclimates never cease to baffle me!

Luckily, my garden had just fulfilled its primary role for the summer by
providing greens to about 40 kids who came by for their summer reading
program through the library. The theme this year is “DIG INTO READING.” As
you can imagine, I didn’t have to twist any arms to schedule myself into
this particular program..."

Check out FoodCorps Service Member, Anne McHale's, latest blog!


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