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"I walked into the kitchen at Polson’s Cherry Valley Elementary School on
June 12th fully expecting just to say a cheerful 'hey!' to the wonderful
food service staff and chat about how their summer food program was going.
I was barely even planning to bring up local sourcing. But after exchanging
greetings, JB dove right in, asking me 'so what have you got right now?'

I was floored—and excited! Here was someone who wanted to do local sourcing
and all I had to do was show up. My presence got the juices flowing, aided
tremendously by all the work last year’s Service Member Lindsay Howard did
to bring JB and her summer program on board with local sourcing. I wasn’t
prepared to talk specifics on that day, but over the next couple of weeks,
JB and I developed processes and added local products to the menu. This
summer, JB will be mixing organic Montana lentils into her ground beef
using a 50-pound bag of Petite Crimson lentils donated by Timeless Seeds
and my Lentil Cooking Guide. She’ll be serving local produce—starting with
lettuce and tarragon for a homemade salad dressing—enabled by the Western
Montana Growers Cooperative which is adding Polson to their regular call
list and delivering right to the school. I’m looking forward to encouraging
Polson to transition these local sourcing practices into the regular school

Read on to learn more about the inspirational sparks from community members
in the Flathead Valley that are igniting big ideas and actions for Nicki
Jimenez's FoodCorps Service!


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