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"Teachers have affected my life tremendously and I feel so lucky to have
the opportunity to influence young people in some way with my service this
year. While I have always been grateful for my teachers, leading lessons in
classrooms this year has made me appreciate what they do so much more,
especially lesson-planning. I work with some incredibly committed teachers
who prepare interesting lessons and schedule guest specialists to come in
to their classrooms. Still, I have luxuries—freedom from a full-time class
and a budget provided by a seed grant from the National Center for
Appropriate Technology, FoodCorps Montana’s Host Site—that allow me to go
wild with lesson planning.

At national FoodCorps training in August, we learned that FoodCorps doesn’t
have a curriculum because a central value of FoodCorps service is that it
is locally adapted. That’s why we’re placed with local organizations
already doing farm to school in the community. And that’s why FoodCorps
Service Members work with teachers to create lessons and curricula that
meet the needs of their students and schools. This is especially important
for food and nutrition education because what’s grown or raised in one
region is different from another. There are plenty of food and nutrition
curricula out there and lesson-planning as a FoodCorps Service member has
involved drawing on those to piece together lessons that are appropriate
for my students and for Western Montana..."

Read on to learn more from Service Member, Nicki Jimenez, about creating
tasty and nutrition-information-packed lessons for her students in Ronan
and Polson!


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