[montanafood_ag] Introduction to Permaculture Workshop this Saturday in Great Falls! Walk away with sustainable, efficient design techniques for your spring garden, homestead or farm

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Tue Apr 9 10:20:32 MDT 2013

*Join us for a day of fun and learning!**

*Take home valuable ecosystem-aligned design skills to enhance your garden,
homestead, farm, community and

*What:* Introduction To Permaculture Workshop

*When:* April 13, 2013, 8:00AM – 4:00PM
*Where:* MSU College of Technology Campus, Rooms 45, 46 with outdoor

*Who: *Teachers are Kareen Erbe, Caroline Wallace, and Jessica Peterson

*Cost*: $60 for pre-registration (www.insideedgedesigners.com) $70 at the
door. Some Scholarships available.
 Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share for a potluck luncheon.
More details upon registration.

Please email Jennephyr Reiche-Sterling with any questions you may have. You
may also pay by check to her.
Earth Heart Spirit LLC
*ehsher at gmail.com* <ehsher at gmail.com>

*What is Permaculture?*

"Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all
aspects of our lives. Permaculture teaches us how *build natural homes,
grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch
rainwater, build communities, take care of waste* and much more.

The philosophy within permaculture is one of working with rather than
against nature, and of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than
premature and thoughtless action. Permaculture design techniques encourage
land use that integrates principles of ecology and applies lessons from
nature. It teaches us to create settings and construct ecosystems that have
the diversity, stability, and the resilience of natural ecosystems. In the
spirit of sustainability, it also teaches us to allow natural and designed
ecosystems to demonstrate their own evolutions." (Borrowed from *
www.permaculture.org* <http://www.permaculture.org/> website.)


- Bill Mollison, co-founder of the world-wide permaculture movement
*As a community of people who are interested in sustainable methods of
living this introduction workshop gives us a new opportunity to take our
practices to the next level. *

*Meet the Presenters:*

*Jessica Peterson* grew up in a natural setting within an urban
environment. Her parents lived communally with family and friends in the
early years and shared a large corner garden in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She
remembers vividly an “earthworm immersion” class her mother taught the kids
on summer evenings, getting used to handling them gently while learning of
all the good those squiggly, slimy seeming things brought to the garden,
the butterflies, ladybugs, and birds, and to the humans’ plates and

Twenty-five years later, Jesse now lives and works as an independent
consultant in Helena, Montana. She holds an MA in Social Economics and
applies the knowledge from social economic theory, along with personal work
and life experience (like serving in the Peace Corps in Madagascar), to
choose the projects and the organizations to work with in her community.
She focuses on social and environmental justice and bio-regional food
sustainability. Jesse began her study and practice of permaculture design
in 2007. She received her Permaculture Design Certification under Michael
(Skeeter) Pilarski and studied advanced large-scale earth works and the
establishment of sustainable water bodies in dry climates with Sepp Holzer.
This past fall, she worked with a team to install a Dave Jacke designed
Edible Forest Garden at The Farm School in Tennessee.

She continues to develop practical skills in permaculture design and
installation specific to our Western Bio-region. Her focus in the coming
year is developing the first sustainable Edible Forest Public Park in
Montana with Food Forest Pioneer and author Dave Jacke, continuing to
advocate for and work with Helena schools’ efforts to establish edible
schoolyards, and creating a beautiful, sustainable life for her first baby,
who she will welcome into the world in late April.

Jessica D. Peterson
JDP Consulting | Organizational Strategies & Permaculture Design
Helena, Montana
T: +1 (406) 465-6214
E: jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net

Website: www.insideedgedesigners.com

*Kareen Erbe* can still picture the layout of her mother's backyard garden
from her early childhood growing up in Alberta, Canada. She remembers
picking peas, digging up potatoes, searching for ripe raspberries and
grabbing mason jars of canned peaches from the shelves. Over three
decades later, she has come back to those basics, realizing the
importance of local food and our need to remember how to provide for

Kareen has a BSc. in Environmental Science and is an experienced
permaculture practitioner. She obtained her Permaculture Design
Certificate in 2006 and completed an advanced permaculture program
taught by designer Geoff Lawton, at the Permaculture Research
Institute of Australia. This included specific training in earthworks,
composting methods, soil biology and teaching permaculture. She runs
Broken Ground, a business in Bozeman that offers permaculture
workshops and design services to Gallatin Valley residents. Kareen has
a Master Composter certification, training in Ecology Action's Grow
Biointensive methods and has worked and volunteered on numerous
organic farms in Australia, New Zealand, Western Massachusetts and
Montana. She has also acted as a permaculture consultant for the
sustainability organization, GoodtoChina, in Shanghai, China.

Kareen is excited to share her knowledge with the Montana community.

Kareen Erbe
Broken Ground
info at brokengroundpermaculture.com

*Caroline Wallace* was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural
Southwestern Virginia, exploring many acres on the old farm place that her
parents slowly nurtured back to a productive homestead.

After earning a degree in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech in
2010, she moved to Montana as an AmeriCorps VISTA to work with the
Alternative Energy Resources Organization in Helena. Her work as a
community organizer and volunteer fostered many community connections,
notably with Helena Community Gardens- working with other volunteers she
helped to design two community gardens in 2011 and continues to develop
graphics and outreach materials for the organization.

In addition to her position as Communications and Membership Manager with
AERO, she currently works as a freelance designer and consultant. Her
skills include graphic design, communications, and community design
facilitation (experience in which she gained at the Community Design
Assistance Center in Blacksburg, Virginia), in addition to landscape design
and planning. She is most passionate about designing beautiful, edible, and
resource-wise outdoor living spaces and permaculture as a design framework.
Caroline has a deep-rooted belief in the value of community, collaboration,
and a pressing need for communities to be more self-reliant.

Telephone:  540-392-3847

Email:  caroline at insideedgedesigners.com

Jessica Peterson
Inside Edge Design <http://www.insideedgedesigners.com>
Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inside-Edge-Design/389885881062485>
P: (406) 465-6214
E: jdpeterson at jdpconsult.net
E: jessica at insideedgedesigners.com
Helena, Montana

*The 12 Permaculture Principles*

1. Observe and interact. 2. Catch and store energy. 3. Obtain a yield. 4.
Apply self-regulation and accept feedback. 5. Use and value renewable
resources and services. 6. Produce no waste: 7. Design from patterns to
details. 8. Integrate rather than segregate. 9. Use small and slow
solutions. 10. Use and value diversity. 11. Use edges and value the
marginal. 12. Creatively use and respond to change.
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