[montanafood_ag] Workshop for farmers/ranchers - drought-proof your property, increase profitability, build topsoil!

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Fri Apr 5 16:56:27 MDT 2013

Please spread the word, we would like to get as many Montana farmers and
ranchers out to this great workshop, the first of its kind in Montana!

*Planning for Whole Farm/Ranch

with Owen Hablutzel, Roland Kroos, and Neil Bertrando
June 5-9, 2013
Wilsall, Montana

*Drought-proof your farm/ranch*
*Increase profitability*
*Manage water and fertility cycles*
*Accelerate topsoil development*

PART 1: Grazing Success and Drought Resilience in the 21st Century (June
PART 2: Keyline® Design for Whole-Farm Fertility (June 7-9)

A five-day workshop for farmers and ranchers wishing to drought-proof their
properties, improve grazing performance and create lasting fertility. This
course will cover multiple proven technologies and strategies that maximize
water harvesting, minimize inputs, improve grazing performance, increase
forage yield and build soil, creating abundant and lasting fertility for
your farm or ranch.

COST: Full five-day workshop is $725 (early bird) $775 (regular). This
includes morning/afternoon snacks and lunch.

Parts 1 and 2 can also be taken independently. Part 1 (2-day) is $325
(early-bird), $350 (regular). Part 2 (3-day) is $500 (early-bird), $525

WORKSHOP LOCATION: The workshop will be held in Wilsall, a small town in
south central Montana, a 45-minute drive from Bozeman.

FOR MORE INFO: www.montanawholefarmfertility.com

*" I guarantee this will change the way you look at your land. Where I am
at, water rights are impossible to get.*
*The course material makes it possible to build topsoil, correct soil
nutrition and pH imbalances and make*
*the most of the water you get by putting it where you want it and storing
it in the cheapest way...in the soil.*
*It was worth my time and money even before we plowed."* *- Michael Forney,
workshop participant*
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