[montanafood_ag] Introducing the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program in Boulder, MT

Lea Howe lea.howe at foodcorps.org
Thu Sep 27 11:16:07 MDT 2012

"Transplanted from the Red River Valley in Grand Forks, ND to the
sandy mountainous landscape of Boulder, MT, I feel like a healthy
seedling, brought out from the grow lights into the wondrous world of
the outdoor garden. To say the least, this seems to have been a fairly
smooth life transition for me. The sun is abundant, the mornings crisp
and cool, the mountains a playground of hiking and exploring, and the
people a wealth of knowledge of the land and community. I already feel
tempted to linger in Montana long after my year-long service term with

I have been in Boulder, MT for only one month, but what a crazy month
it has been! Most of my service thus far has been focused on
procurement and working closely with the food service manager at
Boulder Elementary School to incorporate more local products into the
menus. This week, for example, we served fresh tomatoes, onions, and
apples from the garden, as well as local tortillas, buns, and lentils
for lunch! ..."

Read on to hear more about FoodCorps Service Member, Camille
McGoven's, experience introducing local fruits and veggies for the
USDA's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program!


Lea Howe
FoodCorps Fellow, Montana
202.468.0176 • www.foodcorps.org

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