[montanafood_ag] 9/11 National Day of Service in Glendive

Lea Howe lea.howe at foodcorps.org
Tue Sep 18 10:24:50 MDT 2012

"National Days of Service are an awesome opportunity to work with some
new, diverse community partners and just do something different. On
significant days throughout the year, FoodCorps service members around
the country and our counterparts in other fields of national service
mark the occasion and do our best to plan inclusive events that will,
hopefully, inspire others to service.

For Patriot Day, September 11th I worked here in Glendive with the
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) to collect tea and coffee for
the Veteran’s home. The state-wide project is called “A Cup of
Comfort.” Although we could have simply had a local business buy all
the drinks outright, the significance of including the whole community
cannot be overstated..."

To read on about FoodCorps Service Member, Anne McHale's 9/11 day of
service in Glendive, please visit: http://www.montanafoodcorps.org!

Lea Howe
FoodCorps Fellow, Montana
202.468.0176 • www.foodcorps.org

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