[montanafood_ag] Healthy Breakfast 4 Kids grant deadline extended -- *Farm to Cafeteria Connections Resources*

Lyra Leigh-Nedbor lyraleigh at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 08:24:15 MDT 2012

*Just in from foodfamilyfarming.org - Application deadline for their
Healthy Breakfast 4 Kids grant program has been extended to September 2012.

*What a great way to incorporate local food items into the classroom
setting! *

For more information go to their
or check out the attached handout about the grant program.

The Healthy Breakfast-4-Kids (HB4K) goal is to create and improve access to
breakfast in schools nationwide as a means to lessen the huge negative
impact of hungry children across our nation. In 2012 Food Family Farming
Foundation <http://www.foodfamilyfarming.org/> (F3) andWalmart
Foundation<http://walmartstores.com/communitygiving/203.aspx> are
partnering to grant 117 $2500 equipment grants to high needs schools for
the purpose of assisting in the successful establishment of universal
breakfast in the classroom programs. Grant awardees will be able to order
$2500 worth of food service smallwares or equipment to help support
implementing breakfast in the classroom via an online order with our
partner Tundra Specialties <http://www.etundra.com/>. As part of the grant
program, F3 will create universal breakfast implementation resources to be
available to all schools via our program, The Lunch

*Lyra Leigh-Nedbor*
*Grow Montana's*
*Farm to C**afeteria Connections *
*Project Contractor
Check out our newly remodeled website and Learn more about what we're doing
in Montana at http://www.growmontana.ncat.org/farm_cafe/
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