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There is a new blog post on our website from the Summer Associate serving
in Red Lodge, Kate Jones:

As I watch kids’ eyes grow big and round at the sight of their sprouting
beets that they helped plant the week before, I feel my heart swell and
know that what I’m doing is helping me to grow as a teacher and advocate,
just as it is helping the garden grow.  This summer, I’m serving as an
AmeriCorps Summer Associate in my own hometown of Red Lodge.  Every
morning, Monday through Thursday, Alyssa Charney, my guiding AmeriCorps
VISTA serving with the FoodCorps team, and I lead activities with children
ranging in age from about four to ten in the newly-developed Red Lodge
Youth Garden.  Every day is devoted to a particular group of children being
brought to the garden by either the Children Center or Boys’ and Girls’
Club.  It’s fun to feel the different moods and personalities unique to
each group of kids and to keep track of every impact they make on the
garden each time they visit.

Go to www.montanafoodcorps.org to read more about what Kate is learning
this summer!

Sarah Bhimani
AmeriCorps VISTA
MT FoodCorps
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