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Crissie McMullan crissiem at ncat.org
Thu Jan 26 13:04:37 MST 2012

...after a nice winter break. Check it out at www.montanafoodcorps.org 

Becky Naab's Midyear Reflections 

Becky Naab is a PRC VISTA with the FoodCorps team, serving with Livingston's Farm to School. 

"Just one year ago, I had a degree in environmental sustainability, a passion to put my academic learning to use, and a handful of rejection letters from potential employers who were still feeling the squeeze of the economic recession. A college advisor suggested I give a year of public service through AmeriCorps, and I sent in my application. Before I knew it, I was leaving Ohio—where I’d lived my whole life—and moving out to Montana—where I’d never before even visited. 

I joined because I wanted to give, but I never imagined how much I would learn..." 

Read on, and enjoy the fun pics, at www.montanafoodcorps.org 

Cheers to 2012! 


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