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Erick; Eddie,

The enclosed e-mail speaks to one of the many problems independent suppliers face--I've seen this happen before. Jennifer drove 4 hours over the mountains to deliver her meat and eggs into Seattle just to have to turn around again because her CSA subscribers couldn't get out of their drives and to the pickup points through a half inch of snow. She could have stayed over in the city until the snow melted but she had nowhere to store her meat (no storage freezer).

Strange that so many of the none-profits (that are so well funded) fail to address so many of the real day-to-day problems of real people in the food business (the little people that is). I always get a kick out of the fact there are more bureaucrats and people employed by nonprofits than farmers (maybe by a hundred or more to one considering all ramifications) and still we have all these problems. 

But that's local politics isn't it--all for the big guy and lots of rhetoric but little real effective action. Since wealthy ideologues are the main financial backing to politicians as well as nonprofits, pragmatic "changers" holding the real alternative food system together are forced to work almost underground, hand-to-mouth. Seems we need to do it all and then have to face sometimes insurmountable obstacles (the weather, illness, energy prices, safety rules, etc.). 

What gets me around here in the City of Seattle (as a foreigner from the Midwest) is that I've never seen people do so little with so much and then stand up to applaud themselves. I'll tell you there are days (!). Well, you know that. 

I think someone needs to tell off these cliquey hypocrites in local government, in the media and all around town, right to their faces (Chicago style)--but I'm not likely to succeed here doing that and know it so I just keep doing what I can to speak out in spite of the extreme political posturing set against the against the administrative reticence. And I think the real phonies see me coming and don't give me that chance to tell them what I think. Can you believe Knute Berger at Crosscut had Facebook give me a reprimand for asking him to be my "friend;" said he didn't know me. Well, the little s___ didn't want to know me even though I've talked to him on a half dozen occasions. But that wasn't enough, he had to put me in my place. Don't mess with us Seattle insiders, it says. But then look at the gross mediocrity of these actors--it's a joke. 

Am I getting carried away or what?. Well, it's that kind of day--Snow in Seattle! Hope you are doing better.

I know we are all doing what we can to try and change the food system for the better. What I can't understand is how everyone has to be so quiet about it and not offend anyone. And that set against all the right wing religious hype (CRAP) I hear on the radio in the campaign has got me thinking about immigrating to Canada (AGAIN).

Please keep the inclosed information to yourselves. 


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> Jennifer,
> Sorry about the delivery not getting through on Sunday because of the snow and more sorry that we weren't able to help you. Hope you got back home safely--maybe there is a way to find a short-term storage facility in the future. We know Paula at Wild Salmon and know she was storing meat in her extra freezers for Thundering Hoofs at one time--maybe she could provide an emergency backup. I've argued with the City that we need convenient drop-off points for CSAs with short-term storage facility. It just makes sense.
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