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There is a new blog post at our website from FoodCorps member Becky Naab:

"As an avid basketball fan, March is the time of year college basketball is
at its best with the March Madness tournament. As a FoodCorps member March
is the time of year when it becomes time to start getting ready to garden
and plan spring events. Both are reasons  why I absolutely love the month
of March.

This month I finally received some Nancy’s Garden Boxes.  These boxes are
made from recycled Montana state license plates and wood, and are
distributed as part of the Governor’s and First Lady’s Math and Science
Initiative.  I made sure to get one for each classroom I teach in (nine
total). Currently, we are growing a variety of lettuces and some basil in
the boxes. When finished, the lettuce and basil will be part of a
fundraiser meal I am coordinating with our 5th grade students and teachers."

Go to www.montanafoodcorps.org to read more about spring activities in

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