[montanafood_ag] FoodCorps Member Lea Howe Begins the Conversation With Cookies

Crissie McMullan crissiem at ncat.org
Wed Sep 28 10:44:12 MDT 2011

Today Lea Howe, serving with Boulder's 21st Century Learning, shares blog four in our weekly series of updates directly from Montana FoodCorps members.

"I checked my watch: 1:00 a.m. The kitchen of Boulder Elementary School still smelled of cinnamon and ginger as I sprayed the last bit of cookie dough from an industrial metal tray. During tomorrow’s farmers market, these Heart Healthy Cookies, I hoped, would lure people into conversations about whole foods, the importance of supporting local agriculture and, of course, provide a chance to share simple, healthy, delicious recipes..."

Read more about cookies, gardens, kids, digging into a new community and doing the Two Step at www.montanafoodcorps.blogspot.com

(Recipes and fun pics included!)

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