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Below, please find the latest in Farm to School Updates from the National Farm to School Network.

Also, please visit the Montana Office of Public Instruction, School Nutrition Programs website to see information and resources related to celebrating National Farm to School Month (October) here in Montana.

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Updates from the National Farm to School Network

First, a reminder that Farm to School Month is coming up soon! Find resources here, including free materials for download: http://www.farmtoschoolmonth.org/. There are also posters, stickers, T-shirts, and other promotional materials available for purchase: http://www.farmtoschoolmonth.org/?p=35.
USDA Farm to School Updates

1.       USDA F2S website updates: A couple of updates to note on the USDA Farm to School Website:

a.       First, a new interactive map has been added. The map will guide you to Farm to School contacts at State government agencies across the county. The contact information also provides links each State's Department of Education and Agriculture Offices, as well as their Cooperative Extension Office. The information can be found at the following web address: http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/F2S/contacts.htm<http://links.govdelivery.com/track?type=click&enid=bWFpbGluZ2lkPTE0NTg2NDImbWVzc2FnZWlkPVBSRC1CVUwtMTQ1ODY0MiZkYXRhYmFzZWlkPTEwMDEmc2VyaWFsPTEyNzY2NzQ1ODkmZW1haWxpZD1ham9zaGlAb3h5LmVkdSZ1c2VyaWQ9YWpvc2hpQG94eS5lZHUmZmw9JmV4dHJhPU11bHRpdmFyaWF0ZUlkPSYmJg==&&&100&&&http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/F2S/contacts.htm>.

b.      Resources on Local Meat, Eggs and Dairy, to the Food Safety section of the USDA Farm to School website. These resources include information on grading and inspection of meat and poultry; the availability of slaughterhouses; and guidance for small farmers to apply for a Federal Grant of Inspection. The Food Safety webpage can be found at: http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/f2s/implementing/safety.htm<http://links.govdelivery.com/track?type=click&enid=bWFpbGluZ2lkPTE0NTg2NDImbWVzc2FnZWlkPVBSRC1CVUwtMTQ1ODY0MiZkYXRhYmFzZWlkPTEwMDEmc2VyaWFsPTEyNzY2NzQ1ODkmZW1haWxpZD1ham9zaGlAb3h5LmVkdSZ1c2VyaWQ9YWpvc2hpQG94eS5lZHUmZmw9JmV4dHJhPU11bHRpdmFyaWF0ZUlkPSYmJg==&&&101&&&http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/f2s/implementing/safety.htm>

2.       Additional Information on USDA Fresh Produce Pilots in MI and FL - Last Friday, NFSN was invited to participate on a call hosted by USDA Dep. Secretary Kathleen Merrigan regarding the proposed pilot program in MI and FL. Attached below are links to resources shared with us:

a.       http://www.usda.gov/documents/Pilot_Program_Info_Sheet.pdf

b.      http://www.usda.gov/documents/Understand_the_Process.pdf

c.       Also see a new blog on the KYF2 website regarding this pilot program: http://blogs.usda.gov/2011/09/12/bringing-more-fresh-fruits-and-vegetables-to-schools/

1.       Chefs Move to Schools grants: The Culinary Trust announced a grant program for culinary professionals to help implement Michelle Obama's Chefs Move to Schools initiative.  Grants may be used for gardens, curriculum, cooking classes, cafeteria, etc.  These are small grants, aimed at encouraging individual culinary professionals to volunteer at Title I schools throughout the country. Information and application can be found here:  http://www.theculinarytrust.org/#!chefs-move-to-school

1.       Lunch Bites Webinar "Farm to School for Parents: How to get involved" is now archived for viewing here: http://www.farmtoschool.org/webinars.php.

2.       New Report -- Scaling-up Connections between Regional Ohio Specialty Crop Producers and Local Markets: Distribution as the Missing Link. Many local food systems advocates focus on increasing the number of farmers selling their products directly to consumers, but this type of direct marketing is only one strategy for increasing the consumption of local foods.  This Ohio State University report explores the opportunities for scaling up distribution of local fruits and vegetables to retail outlets in Ohio by using conventional distribution methods. Link to the full report:  http://cffpi.osu.edu/distribution.htm

*         CDC Weight of the Nation Conference 2012 - workshop proposals are being accepted till October 2, 2011: http://www.weightofthenation.org/


Stacey A. Sobell, MPH
Farm to School Program Manager, Food & Farms
721 NW Ninth Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97209
ssobell at ecotrust.org<mailto:ssobell at ecotrust.org>

*Western Regional Lead for the National Farm to School Network: http://www.farmtoschool.org/regional.php?area=west

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