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Thought the presentations posting from the Orlando conference in particular would be of interest to the members of this list.

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Hello PSA General Listserve-
It has been a while since we sent an update, but we have some good things to share. We plan to send an update at the beginning of each month to keep everyone informed of our progress and share some highlights of the PSA.

Calling all growers!
      All farmers are invited to participate in the PSA and it's Working Committees (WCs) since they are a crucial target audience.  By participating in the WCs, farmers can share their knowledge about the challenges to implementing food safety practices to help ensure the curriculum addresses their needs and provides guidance on how to address their challenges. If you are a grower or know one who might be interested, please have them visit www.producesafetyalliance.cornell.edu or contact me at glw53 at cornell.edu<mailto:glw53 at cornell.edu>.

It's not too late to sign up
      Not a farmer? No worries, the PSA still needs your help! We are continually accepting applications and would be happy to have you join us. There is still time to join this process since some WCs have just started the process of identifying challenges in their focus areas. Please visit the website (http://producesafetyalliance.cornell.edu/working.html) to view committee objectives and access the application form.

Welcome PSA Co-Chairs
We are happy to report that all WCs now have their co-chairs in place. We would like to thank our new co-chairs who have graciously stepped up to the plate to lead the working committees through the curriculum development process. Their leadership, volunteered time, and dedication to making this process run smoothly have already set us off to a very productive start.

1.) General Topics
o   Benjamin Chapman
Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
o   James Theuri
Extension Educator, Small Farms/Local Foods, University of Illinois Extension

2.) Common Issues
o   Diane Ducharme
NCSU GAPs Program Coordinator, Extension Associate in Horticulture and Food Safety, N.C. MarketReady Program
o   Brian Reeves
Owner, Reeves Farms

3.) Farm Review
o   Robert Hadad
      Cornell Cooperative Extension
o   Henry Giclas
      Senior Vice President Science & Technology, Strategic Planning

4.) Production
o   Fred Finney
      Owner, Moreland Fruit Farm Ltd
o   Karen Killinger
      Assistant Professor, Washington State University

5.) Harvest
o   Reginald L. Brown
Manager, Florida Tomato Committee
o   Trevor V. Suslow
Extension Research Specialist, University of California, Davis

6.) Post-Harvest
o   Wesley Kline
Agricultural Agent, Cumberland County - New Jersey
o   Barry Eisenberg
Vice President of Food Safety Services, United Fresh Produce Association

7.) Train-the-Trainer
o   James Rushing
Manager of International Training Programs, JIFSAN
o   Michael Villaneva
Technical Director, California Leafy Green Marketing Agreement

8.) Outreach- Farmers & Trainers
o   Craig Kahlke
Extension Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension
o   Keith Schneider
Associate Professor, University of Florida

9.) Outreach- Regulators & Trainers
o   Bill Miller
            Farm Products Grading Inspector III, New York State Dept. of Ag & Markets
o   Anita MacMullan
FDA Branch Director, Contracts and Grants

10.) Certification
o   Joseph Corby
Executive Director, Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
o   Janet Williams
Training Officer, FDA/DHRD/ORAU

Membership by the Numbers
*         153 unique committee members
*         22 (14%) committee members are farmers
*         52 (34%) committee members are educators
*         80 (53%) committee members represent a wide variety of professionals in the fresh produce industry
*         323 are signed up for the general listserve
*         24 committee meetings held so far
*         34 states represented in the process

 If you missed out on the June 29 & 30 Conference in Orlando:
*         PowerPoint slides from the presenters and materials from the educational showcase held during the conference have been posted on our website. We are still in the process of receiving these materials from the collaborators, so check back as we continue to update this site. http://producesafetyalliance.cornell.edu/psa-mat.html

Check for updates!
*         The calendar is up and running on the PSA website (http://producesafetyalliance.cornell.edu/calendar.html). Please check the calendar for dates and times of PSA activities including WC meetings.
*         In addition, WC meeting notes are being posted for download as they are received (http://producesafetyalliance.cornell.edu/wk-notes.html). <http://producesafetyalliance.cornell.edu/wk-notes.html>

Thanks again to all the dedicated co-chairs and committee members for your contribution to the Produce Safety Alliance. We look forward to continuing this learning process with you! As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Take care,

Gretchen Wall
Produce Safety Alliance Program Coordinator

Gretchen L. Wall, M.S.
Cornell University
630 W. North Street
NYSAES - Food Research Lab
Geneva, NY 14456
Phone:  315.787.2626
Fax: 315.787.2284
Email: glw53 at cornell.edu<mailto:glw53 at cornell.edu>
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