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September Food Processing Training for Montana Food Manufacturers


*Sponsored by the Montana Department of Agriculture – Food & Agricultural
Development Network

*and the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center at Lake County Community
Development Corporation*

Are you a food processor that needs information on how to conduct *shelf
life studies* or how to set up *standard operating procedures *for your
product(s)? Do you have questions about *where to find ingredients for your
products* or *best practices in handling *and* storing your ingredients*? We
are excited to offer a half day workshop and one-on-one technical assistance
to answer these questions and more. The topics include:

 *Shelf Life Studies*

·         How to determine the shelf life of my food product?

·         Typical shelf life for specific processing and treatments of food

·         Setting up the shelf life study, what do I test for?

·         What types of on-going testing to I do?

·         How are quality and the shelf life of my product tied together?

·         Does the consumer really know if the product is at the end of its
shelf life?

*Ingredient Suppliers and Handling Ingredients *

·         How do I find the ingredients for my food product?

·         What resources are available to find ingredients?

·         What are some best practices in handling and storing my food

·         How do I know if it’s the right ingredient?

·         How do I segregate ingredients - first in first out, allergens,
organic, Kosher, etc?

*Setting up your Standard Operating Procedures *

·         Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

·         Standard Operating Procedures, where do I begin?

·         Process flow charting

·         The audit, working backwards…

  *Course Title*




*Registration Fee*

*Techniques for Food Manufacturers*

September 21, 2011

9:00 am

       to               12:00 pm


*                  Ronan, MT*

Lake County Community Development

407 Main St.


*One-on-One Technical Assistance*

September 20 & 21,  2011

Please call to schedul*e*

*  **               Ronan, MT*

Lake County Community Development

407 Main St.

 *$25 per hour*

* *

*About the instructor:*

Sarah Masoni is the Product and Process Development Manager at the Oregon
State University Food Innovation Center. Sarah has worked more than 20 years
in the food industry in Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, and Product
Development. She has worked in her current position at the Food Innovation
Center as Product and Process Development Manager for 11 years.

*Pre-registration* is required, as space is limited. To register, fill out
and return the attached form. For more information contact Karl Sutton at
(406) 676-5901 x114 or ksutton at mmfec.org. Your registration fee includes
snacks at breaks.


*Registration Form*

*September 2011 Food Manufacturing Courses***

*Ronan, Montana*


The Montana Department of Agriculture’s Food and Agricultural Development
Network and Lake County Community Development’s Mission Mountain Food
Enterprise Center are sponsoring a half day workshop for food manufacturers.


*Pre-registration is required.* Please complete and return the form below
with payment.


*For more information* contact Karl Sutton at 406-676-5901 x 114 or
ksutton at mmfec.org

*Techniques for Food Manufacturers***

*September 21, 2011*

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Lake County Community Development

407 Main St.

Ronan, MT

Cut along line and return completed form, with payment to the address below


Business Name:

Mailing Address:

City: _____________________________________ State: _______________________
Postal Code: _________________

Phone: ____________________________________ Email:


*Training(s) you’re registering for:
                                Registration       *

□   Techniques for Food Manufacturers – September 21

□   One-on-One Technical Assistance – September 20 & 21
$25 per hr

Price x no. of people_____ = TOTAL: $__________

*MAKE YOUR PAYMENT OUT AND SEND TO:*  Lake County Community Development, PO
Box 128, Ronan, MT 59864


Karl Sutton
Program Coordinator
Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center
A program of Lake County Community Development
407 Main Street SW
Ronan, MT 59864
[image: Twitter] <http://twitter.com/#%21/mmfec>[image:
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