[montanafood_ag] Montana FoodCorps Member Anne McHale Talks Garbanzos, Garlic, and Glendive

Crissie McMullan crissiem at ncat.org
Thu Oct 20 15:19:15 MDT 2011

Anne McHale, serving with Glendive's Community GATE, shares blog seven in our weekly series of updates directly from Montana FoodCorps members.

"The second-grader’s face went from scrunched-up skepticism to wide-eyed excitement when I explained the orange scoop between her corn dog and nachos was “a lot like pumpkin.” Actually, the conversation went like this:
“Did you try some squash?”
“How come?”
“Don’t you like pumpkin?”
(vigorous nodding, followed by brief thoughtful reflection and then a miniscule taste of the bright orange squash)..."

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