[montanafood_ag] Welcome Montana's FoodCorps!

Crissie McMullan crissiem at ncat.org
Wed Aug 24 13:47:25 MDT 2011

Hey everyone,
Montana's FoodCorps has hit the ground running in nine communities across the state, and the summer team has already come and gone, building and tending gardens in Potomac, Somers, and Sheridan. Wow. I can't believe how things are growing!

If you want to follow our progress, including more information about the summer crew's accomplishments, check out our blog http://montanafoodcorps.blogspot.com/ where we hope to post updates from the field once a week.

Also, as you may remember, Montana's model is being developed as a national program, which just launched last week in 10 states with 50 members! Check out the New York Times piece here: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/23/foods-new-foot-soldiers/

Stay tuned--we're getting ready for a big year!

All the best,

National Center for Appropriate Technology
FoodCorps for Rural Montana Project Director
National FoodCorps Co-Founder

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