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Hello Farm to School Supporters,

The next few days are the time to take action in support of the *most
important* Farm to School and child nutrition legislation in our
nation.  Today,
the House Education and Labor Committee is expected to release a version of
the Child Nutrition Reauthorization which includes the Farm to School
Improvements Act. It’s time to call Representative Rehberg, and let him know
that Montanans want a bill that provides an extra $1 billion per year for
child nutrition programs (as requested by President Obama), as well as $50
million in mandatory funding for a Farm to School grants program. A bill
like this will not only provide healthy, local food to children, but also
combat hunger by increasing access to federal child nutrition programs.

To learn more about Farm to School in Child Nutrition Reauthorization click
here <http://foodsecurity.org/policy_CNR_F2S.html#action>.

*You can reach Representative Rehberg’s Washington D.C. office at **(**202)


All you have to do is ask to speak to the aide that works on child nutrition
issues and make these points:

*1) **Please ensure that the Child Nutrition Reauthorization invests an
additional $1 billion per year to increase program access and to make
significant progress against child hunger.*

* *

*2) **Please support the Education and Labor Committee’s bill, which
includes $50 million (over 5 years) in mandatory funding for a Farm to
School grant program administered by the USDA.*

* *

Click here<http://gallery.mailchimp.com/923d8af6802cd35b0a1f16530/files/CNR_and_F2S_talking_points_6_10.pdf>for
more in-depth talking points.

If you would like to learn about the status of the Senate’s Healthy,
Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 click
and find out why it’s important to continue our push for increased funding
and swift passage of that bill.

A quick phone call out of your day can be surprisingly important. It is time
to let our Congressional Representative know that Montanans want a child
nutrition bill that is *effective* in combating childhood hunger while
supporting childhood health and local food systems.

Thank you for your support!
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