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Below and attached is info on the Food Systems Leadership Institute.  More info at:


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Dear Colleagues,

Recruiting is underway for Cohort 6 of Food Systems Leadership Institute Fellows.  As a member of Cohort 4 of FSLI, I found this leadership development experience one that is truly tailored for those of us in key leadership roles for affecting the future of our food system. The focus is systems-based and includes leadership development from the standpoint of leading systems for organizational change and understanding the breadth and depth of the food system (vs. the sometimes more traditional or narrower focus that can occur from serving within an organization or institution). The cohort membership is open to industry and the nonprofit world as well as those affiliated with If APLU institutions—and those who work with the science as well as the public, community and policy aspects. Since most of us deal in one way or the other with community and economic development, we have a valuable perspective to offer as well as opportunity to learn how our perspective is but part of the larger whole. My  horizons have certainly expanded and FSLI has provided a enhanced skill set and ability to work in the broader system on campus and within Extension as well as an opportunity for me to explore and give leadership to an  emerging international programming effort within the context of my own institution.

Sometimes people ask how this is different than NELD or LEAD21. FSLI is more advanced and targeted to the next stage and level of leadership development. So if you have participated in one of these, then FSLI will not be a rehash. Take a look at the attached. If you have an interest, I am happy to answer questions and/or have the FSLI staff contact you to provide more information on the program.

Also, if you know of someone else in your institution--a dean, director, department chair, etc.--whom you feel might be interested, please share my email and extend my same offer.

Thank you.

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