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The Ultimate Local Food Gift for the Thinking Person: JAFSCD!

December 2010

Tell someone how much you appreciate their love of local food and agriculture by giving them a subscription to the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development. JAFSCD is the world’s only peer-reviewed journal focused solely on the emerging practice of agriculture and food systems–based community development. It is written by and for applied researchers, and agency and organizational professionals who are working to make the world more equitable and sustainable. It comes out online (only) quarterly, so it' s a gift that gives all year! Check it out online at http://www.AgDevJournal.com/. 

Current Issue: Urban Agriculture

The Journal’s new issue on the topic of Urban Agriculture is online — and new articles are going up every few days. Treat yourself or another locavore to hot research on such vital topics as:

- to what degree can a city feed itself?
- what public policies can support urban food production?
- how can consumers maximize their use of local food?

Upcoming issues will focus on food value chains and the role of planning in strengthening food systems.

JAFSCD is priced from $39 to $69. Receive a 25% discount if you also join AgDevONLINE (see below)!

Give the Gift of AgDevONLINE

Another gift to consider is membership in AgDevONLINE, the companion website to JAFSCD. It's a community of practice for food systems professionals. It provides tools, resources, data, publications, and more to help professionals, students, and faculty in their work. It's priced separately from the Journal, at $26-$57. If you join AgDevONLINE first, you'll receive a 25% discount off JAFSCD! See http://www.AgDevONLINE.com/. 

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